About Dr. Scionti

  • Dr. Stephen Scionti's education began in New England at the Taft School of Watertown, RI. This preparatory program provided a great foundation for lifelong learning, and upon graduation he attended Brown University in Providence, where he graduated in 1980 Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Neurosciences.
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    After his undergraduate work, Dr. Scionti went on to attend the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. There he took the Scholars in Medicine Program, graduating in 1984 with his medical degree. His residency at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine residency training program consisted of two years of general surgery and four years of urology training. During his final year as a resident, Dr. Scionti took on the title of Chief Resident in Urology.

    As a practicing physician, Dr. Scionti continues to pursue his medical education, taking time out of his busy schedule to attend advanced courses every year. Since receiving his degree, he has been trained in prostate cryotherapy and prostate HIFU therapy.

    Dr. Stephen Scionti has extensive training on the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound prostate cancer treatment technique. He studied alongside Dr. George Suarez of the USHIFU international clinics. His training with USHIFU took place in Mexico, Toronto, Santo Domingo, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Vallarta. In addition, Dr. Scionti has received advanced HIFU training at the London University Hospital, where he trained with Professor Mark Emberton.

    Dr. Scionti has worked extensively with high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and with over 600 successful procedures is considered one of world's most experienced HIFU surgeons. He has collaborated with leading medical treatment centers around the world to help perfect HIFU technology, research medical applications, and train urologists to perform HIFU. Additionally, Dr. Scionti is leading the effort to train American urologists in this therapy and serves as Director of Clinical Education and Training for USHIFU. Currently, Dr. Scionti uses HIFU to treat prostate cancer patients at the International HIFU Centers in Bermuda and the Bahamas.

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